Antony Gerald Stringer Born in Wakefield,Yorkshire, England 1954.

1972-75. Studies in Graphic Design Scarborough Tech.(Diploma). Sheffield Granville College (Higher Diploma). 1975-78. Degree level course in Photography, Film & Television at the London College of Printing ( now London College of Communication)
Speaks fluent Italian and French.
Over a twenty year period, produces numerous magazine stories of an anthropological and geographical variety.

1986   A story on Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda is published worldwide following the mysterious murder of American anthropologist Dian Fossey. The story described the work of her successor  David Watts.
collaborated with the National Geographic Society as a stills photographer on the prize winning National Geographic Society documentary "Masterpieces in Chalk" directed by Kevin Peer (about the american street artist Kurt Wenner). Shown on PBS TV).

1986-1991    Living in Paris, France. Begins collaboration with photo agencies "Agence Vu" and "Network Photographers"(London). Publications in Geo, Grandes Reportages, Le Monde, Le Point, Figaro Magazine (France). Stern, Bunte (Germany), Natura (Spain). 1991 – Present. Lives in Italy between Rome and Milan. Publications in Epoca, Panorama, Airone, "D" (supplement of La Repubblica newspaper), Specchio (supplement of La Stampa newspaper), Gente Viaggi, Weekend Viaggi, Corriere della Sera.Exhibitions in Milan (British Council) and Bologna,Turin and other cities in Northern Italy. Continues travelling throughout Africa (Sudan, Ethiopia, Mali,Kenya and Egypt.) and the Far East (Tibet, Australia, Laos, Thailand,Malaysia and Indonesia). During a two month soggiorn in India, documents the crazy world of the Indian cinema industry (the world's most profuse producer of movies – around 500 per annum). Spends time photographing India's greatest movie director-Satyajit Ray.

2000: Following the cinema related projects begins shooting stills on movies in Italy:
Pupi Avati's "The Knights of the Quest", starring Edward Furlong and F. Murray Abraham, and "Il Cuore Altrove", starring Giancarlo Giannini ,Vanessa Incontrada and Neri Marcore.This film was shortlisted for the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival and has been distributed in 23 countries,a rare feat for an Italian movie! Continuing the collaboration with Pupi Avati, shoots stills on "Ma Quando Arrivano le Ragazze?"(2005) starring up and coming stars Vittoria Puccini,Claudio Santamaria and Paolo Briguglia. Shooting recently concluded on the latest Avati movie"La Seconda Notte di Nozze" again starring Neri Marcore together with opera singer Katia Ricciarelli and top Italian comedian Antonio Albanese. Released 2005. Latest : Movies "La Cena per farli Conoscere"2006,"The Hideout"2007 and "Il Papà di Giovanna" starring Silvio Orlando (Coppa Volpe for Best Actor Venice Film Festival) Alba Rohrwacher ,Francesca Neri Ezio Greggio.2008 all by Pupi Avati ."Senza via d'Uscita"2007 Starring Anna Galiena e Massimo Ranieri. Regia diGiorgio Serafini. The results of this work published in a wide variety of major Italian newspapers and magazines.
Documents various rock videos for Italian bands(Africa Unite,The Bluebeaters) and album covers for the same. Other work includes catalogues for artists such as the French Dadaist sculptor Jaques Carelmann (touring Italian exhibition) and documentary work for Italian architects and design studios.


Studied Graphic Design 1972-75 Scarborough Tech. and Granville College, Sheffield
Studied photography at the London College of Printing 1975-78 Degree level course. obtained Higher Diploma in Creative Photography, Film and TV
Exhibitons at
1994 Solo Exhibition Artifex Gallery ( Giovanni Bordino) Turin, Italy
1996 Exhibition and workshops Asiago,Italy
1996 Talks and Slideshow on Africa given in Venice, Padova, Vicenza and other town in the Veneto(Italy) region. Sponsored by Kel12 Travels.
1997 The British Council Milan and The British Council Bologna (Mountain Gorillas i n Rwanda , both shows)
Agency collaborations 1986-1998
Agence Vu (Liberation newspaper) Paris, France
ANA Agency Paris, France
Network Photographers (London)
Grazie Neri (Italy)
Alamy (UK)
2000-2008 Began working on movie sets for italian director Pupi Avati. Set and special photographer on eight productions.
During the same period collaborated with Mediaset (Milan, Italy) on various television productions.


Antony Stringer , Italy . Tel 0039-3487648890 e-mail: agstringer(at)